Life After Divorce

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Alarming statistics validate the prevalence of a divorce epidemic.  Approximately 60% of first marriages end in divorce, but what may be most startling is that these numbers also apply to the christian community.  To me, these figures indicate that no one, regardless of race, religion or status, is immune.  I’m convinced because my marriage ended.  You see, I received a call by God.  I met a beautiful young lady and married her.   Next, I became the Pastor of a congregation.  Sixteen years later, I went through a divorce!  I feel led of God to share the saga with you.

Clinton McFarland has been recognized as a preacher and teacher of God’s word for over 20 years.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia, he is highly respected among his peers nationwide as a “preacher’s preacher” and a recording artist.  Consequently, on numerous occasions he has been selected as the keynote speaker as ministers from across the country have come together.  Now, Reverend McFarland emerges as an author sharing from an era of pain and recovery.  For all of above, Reverend McFarland Gives God Complete Glory!